Calm Cards


Calm Cards are a pack of cards designed to help young people manage the urge to self-harm.

Calm Cards are based on the notion that ‘the urge to self-harm is like a wave – it feels most powerful when you start wanting to do it. Once you surf the wave, the urge will fade.’

Calm Cards transfers the activities from the clinician-developed app Calm Harm into a physical form, enabling young people to manage the urge to self-harm in places where phones are banned or unavailable, for example, schools, hospitals, youth centres and in the home.

Using ideas from the evidence-based therapy DBT, the cards help through the use of a range of targeted activities to help alter thoughts, emotions and behaviours, enabling them to ‘ride the wave’ of emotion(s) they experience.

The cards are aimed at 13-19-year olds and provide a range of targeted five or fifteen-minute activities to help alter thoughts, emotions and behaviours, enabling young people to manage the urge to self-harm. For more details on how to use the cards, please see below.

93% Calm Harm app users report a reduction in their symptoms after completing an activity.

Each Calm Cards pack contains 92 laminated cards and measures approximately 9.5cm x 6.5cm x 4cm. A 1-minute sand timer is included with each pack.

Please note that Calm Cards can currently only be ordered online in the UK and a maximum of 6 packs can be purchased in a single order. If you are not in the UK or require more than 6 packs then please contact us at for details on how to purchase.


How to use Calm Cards

Calm Cards contain the most used tasks from the Calm Harm app in card format. Each pack has several cards from sections ‘Comfort’, ‘Distract’, ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Release’ and ‘Breathe.’ Each pack is accompanied by a one-minute sand timer and each card will have a task that can either be done in 5 minutes or in a minimum of 15 minutes. The packs can be personalised to suit each user by taking out cards.

Once a card is picked, set the timer running and carry out the activity. For the five-minute tasks do this for one minute. If the urge to self-harm doesn’t pass, repeat the activity for up to 5 times or change the activity. There are also 15-minute activities to complete.

Try and note your progress by keeping a record of whether your urge to self-harm goes away after each use and keep the cards that work handy to curb any urges as soon as they start.

Please note these cards are an aid in treatment but do not replace it.

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