Technical Support


If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the Calm Harm app, in the first instance check the common issues and solutions below.


If this doesn’t resolve your issue then please email with as many details as possible of the problem you are experiencing, including:


  • The specific type of device you are using (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S20, iPhone 11, etc.)
  • The operating system version (e.g. Android 12, iOS 16.1.2, etc.)
  • Any screenshots of the problem, if relevant
  • Steps taken prior to the issue occurring, in as much detail as possible


This will allow us to investigate your problem as fully and efficiently as possible.


You can also take a look at our FAQs, which includes information on data collection and storage:


Common issues and how to solve them:

I’ve forgotten my passcode

We do not create accounts for user-privacy reasons, so if you forget your passcode and memorable word, you will need to delete and reinstall the app (losing all app data). (Android users: You may then also need to clear your phone cache: with the app installed, go to settings, apps, Calm Harm. Then there should be an option to CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE.)

I have set up a passcode for the Self Monitoring section, but it’s not asking me for it

You won’t be asked to input your passcode until you have been out of the app for a period of 30 minutes or more; you therefore won’t be asked for your passcode straight away after you have set it up in the app.

How do I mark my Streak as having ended?

You can go to Self Monitoring, then My Streaks, and click the button to ‘End Streak’. This will then bring up a pop-up box for you to select when the streak ended. Once this is done, your streaks info will be updated.

Can I change the date that my Streak started in the app?

A user’s streak will start counting from the date the app was downloaded, and can be stopped by marking the streak as having finished, at which point it will begin counting from this new date. New users who would like to edit their streak start-date to account for an existing streak prior to downloading the app can tap the pencil icon next to “Streak started on…” in the My Streaks section. This allows the user to select a different date for their streak to begin counting from. This functionality is only available to new users who haven’t yet marked their streak as having ended in the app.

What if I can’t use the app on my phone?

We now have available for purchase Calm Cards, a physical form of Calm Harm in a pack of cards for use in places where young people cannot use their phones (schools, hospitals, homes etc):

How do I suggest activities to be added to the app?

If you would like to suggest any activities to be added to Calm Harm, you can do this within the app: Menu > App Settings > Suggest an Activity.

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